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JC's compositions

This page is a portfolio of different things I have done in the past as well as a few of my current projects.

I have played in many bands since the early seventies. And I guess now, I am happy to play with other musicians whenever I have the opportunity.

But I also like to write music and I have written all kinds of things since I discovered the almighty Macintosh! I also like to tinker with synthesisers and mixing these new instruments with more traditional guitar, bass and drums.

Anyway, this is a hodgepodge of things that I have done and recorded, some of them with Susan.

JC and Susan playing Sinner's Prayer

Sinner's prayer

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My very first computer based song. It was started over Christmas in 2002 in Yarrawonga in Victoria. I then recorded my then new Gibson 333 at our house in Wentworth Falls. It's called Arrivée

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My first video on YouTube. I wrote the music and I used videos from Pixbay. If you are interested in the technical stuff, it was recorded with Logic Pro, a Nord Lead A1, a Moog Subsequent, a Moog Minitaur and a Gibson Les Paul, plus the usual plug-ins in Logic.

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or on Youtube


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Binaural 01

My second video on YouTube. I wrote the music for Opall. It was the first time I wrote anything using binaural audio.

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or on Youtube


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New songs and instrumentals

A few songs and instrumentals, some of them recorded a long time ago.

Riding Weather Susan wrote the lyrics and played the piano and also came up with the melody.

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My first (and only) album, circa 1998


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