My name is Steve d’Avis - as well as being the current drummer. I also handle lead vocals for Azimus.

I started the band with bassist Eric Ollier in 2005 after the improvisational band ZOOOM imploded. We began jamming – just bass’n’drums to start with until Alistair Strating joined on keyboards. The three piece unit was christened STERICAL & a dozen or so performances followed with Launceston Festivale 2006 among them.

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Cover for 2002 CD on

A&S 'Clearsound Victorious'

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New Year's Eve 1995: playing with
Astral Groove Doctors

Jean-Charles Crave arrived at an opportune moment, playing guitar that was stylistically suited to the repertoire. And the band was officially re-named The Men From Mars. The name had been kicking around for a while & related to the TV series, Life On Mars screening on ABC. Many of the songs played as soundtrack to that show feature in our current repertoire (see songlist).

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C3 piece zoom @ St Mathias Vineyard with Mike Yeandle & Gayle Walduck

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Cover for the 2000 CD on A&S 'Magnetic One Won'

Over the past 38 years, the majority of my explorations have been with original bands, which makes Azimus a unique experience. I hope you enjoy your experience with us, in whatever form it takes. If by any chance you feel the desire & have time to check out some of my ‘other’ music the following four (4) links may be of interest:

for songs: www.broadjam.com/steve.davis_songs
for jazz:
for healing:
for guest appearance on bass: 2008 cd ‘RAIN’ www.tramtracks.com

And finally...

During the previous seasons, having displayed a tendency toward knowledge, crystalline spheres & sacred geometry, our heroic Monad continues to follow the sounds within that lead from within to without. And with a shout adapts an open arena into which all are invited. He begins by toning & mimicking sounds that catch his ear; forever reminding him of an eternal love (in the key of D) that marks all seasons with hope. The audience deriving pleasure from this, calls for an earth-song & Monad proclaims the clearsound from which his present incarnation emerges. ‘Listen now to a clearsound,’ he sings, ‘here to lift the fear. C’mon now!’ And they all sing along...

(extract from The Legend Of Monad)

Om Shanti